a world between the sexes

Utopia—a world between the sexes is about an artfull reflection of sex and identity. The work visualises a play between structure and nature, strength and flow, inside and outside. Different and yet so similar, two individuals dissolve from their formed gender identity. They move through the surface of hard structures into the depths of their own being.
In 2019 the project started in context of our fifth semester at FH Aachen in a period of four months. The work is my first investigation within the theme of gender, sex and equality.
For the project I collaborated with my fellow student Ina Farjam, who studied in the field of film. We developed a visual staged world, which focused on telling a story about blurring the borders between the sexes. To visualise our ideas we worked together with the performers José Ma Ortiz and Luca Antony, who created a performance for our film. Serveral other students also helped us with the production. In 2021 we exhibited our project at the Aachener Kunstroute in Boa-Bunker of Art.

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