Fieldtrip with MA Photography & Society / Thessaloniki, GR / 2024
“When you tell my story, let people know that my name is Elias - I’m 51, a fisherman and once a decorator. And tell that I am looking for a women!”
Sarah-Rose Antoun
9 Men in Thessaloniki
Beetroot Studio

with MA Photography & Society

Discovering Thessaloniki with a Polaroid in hand and as part of the MA Photography & Society field trip, Aline Pape and Sarah-Rose Antoun exchanged conversations and portraits of greek men across the city, influenced by our stereotypes when arriving at a place for the first time.
Sharing personal stories related to memory and masculinity through our encounters documented with two polaroids: one for the portraied as a thankful gesture and one for them for telling the stories. 9 remained Polaroids ended up in a pop-up exhibition at Beetroot design alongside reflective and interpretational texts.
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