The concept of Between is the visualization of an inbetween world of two sexes. Two photographs with identical transparency were merged, resulting in a world where the boundaries are obscured. This creates a utopian image of humanity, which embodies all genders within it.
Between was conceived as a free project that builds upon my previous work in utopia. In 2020, Aline took photographs of different individuals' bodies in a photo studio in Aachen..Using this material, she created 17 images, which were published on Ze.tt Online and Upgration in June of the same year. Following the publication, BOA-Bunker of Art invited her to exhibit the work at Kunstroute Aachen in September 2020. Moreover, Aline produced a booklet with a limited edition of 30 copies for the exhibition. The exhibit pieces are still available for purchase. More information on request.

Print: 84x119cm/ Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)     
Frame: 84x119cm/ Aluminium Silber matt   
Edition: 3+2AP
Booklet: 270x210cm, 28 Pages
Paper: 180g/m2 DOW
Edition: 30 numbered and signed (sold out)

2021→ today
At the beginning of 2021, Aline Pape developed the concept of Between further, focusing more on the purely physical aspects of both the image and the medium itself. The project is still in progress. So far, 15 individuals have been photographed using an analog Hasselblad camera. The resulting negatives were examined for shapes and structural overlaps of the bodies independent of gender. A sneak peek was published as a preliminary study in December 2022 as a supplement in the Modern Gender photobook box. More coming soon!
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