Part 01, Masculinities

"At the beginning of 2021, Aline came to our studio with the dummy of her work Modern Gender and asked if we would like to publish it together. We were thrilled by the idea and got straight to work making 100 copies by hand with great attention to detail. Creating this publication brought us a lot of joy, we are very excited to bring this arts and crafts work to the people." – GRAVUR 

Together with GRAVUR Verlag, Aline meticulously crafted 100 book copies, paying attention to the smallest details and employing their own handiwork. After several weeks of planning the book, 3,500 sheets were printed and folded. Subsequently, 1,200 layers were thread-stitched, and 100 book covers were made and screen-printed.
Additionally, they bound the pages of the supplements, which included preliminary studies and a text booklet containing interviews and various texts related to the topic and project.  This collaboration provided an opportunity to shape the project in all its complexity and transform it into a unique small artwork.
Aline Pape stated, "I believe that through this artwork, it is possible to fully immerse oneself in the reality I aim to create. I am deeply grateful to have found a publisher who values craftsmanship and collaboratively brings small projects like this to life."

The work is meticulously designed and thought out, and with its limited edition of 100 copies, it possesses a true collector's appeal. The design and layout of the book were created by Aline herself, with the assistance of Maximilian Hermanns and Christina Rinkens.
The book is structured in a way that each of the 30 participants, just like in the project itself, has their own space. For this reason, the photographs do not share double pages.
It is divided into three chapters, showcasing these individual spaces in the first and third chapters. The second chapter is the centerpiece of the book, featuring consecutive portraits where the participants' facial expressions and eyes play a significant role. The book is complemented by preliminary studies that explore the human body in an analog study titled "Between" focusing on the material aspect, and "Doing Gender" delving into the immaterial aspect of gender in human beings.

The book has been shortlisted for the "Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung 2023" and is being showcased in the accompanying exhibition "Up And Coming" at in Berlin until August 26th.
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