May – June 2023
The Modern Gender Project
Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne

Galerie M

10 – 26/05/2023
Together with Galerie M, the first exhibition of Aline Pape's project took place in Paris, France. The planning and realisation took several months. The life-size prints were mounted in handmade frames and hung at eye level to each other and to the viewers. This concept allows visitors to have direct eye contact with the portrayed.The exhibition was also supported by Gravur Verlag, with whose collaboration the photo book box was also presented within the exhibition.
After the publication of the book, Gravur Verlag and Aline Pape organised an exhibition and book tour through Germany. Throughout June, they exhibited the Modern Gender project in three different spaces: GE59 in Berlin, Studio Hausen in Hamburg and &wieder in Cologne.

09 – 11/06/2023
Studio Hausen

16 – 18/06/2023

23 – 25/06/2023
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